A thistle that tall is actually more likely to be a native, perhaps Cirsium discolor. Mitich, Larry W. 1998. Photographer: Steve Dewey, Source: Utah State University, Bugwood.org Description. Cirsium vulgare (Savi) Ten. Description. A hot infusion of the whole plant has been used as a herbal steam for treating rheumatic joints. It forms occasional side stems, but remains erect in stature, reaching 3-6' in height. Bull Thistle. Montana has 12 species of Cirsium, and only 5 are described below. Bull Thistle is a biennial that forms a rosette of leaves the first year and sends up a flowering stem the second year. * Flower heads have involucres more than 2 cm tall [examine larger heads]. Classification: Cirsium vulgare Geographic Location: Pacific and western states Description: It is a tall biennial thistle, forming a rosette of leaves and a taproot up to 70 cm long in the first year, and a flowering stem 1–1.5 m tall in the second year.The stem is winged, with numerous longitudinal spine-tipped wings along its full length. Cirsium vulgare Bull thistle. 1993. : (Carduus lanceolatus L., Cirsium lanceolatum (L.) Scop., non Hill). Ascalea lanceolata. Bull Thistle – Cirsium vulgare, exotic and undesirable * Flower heads are mostly single at stem tips and arranged in an open inflorescence. Journal of Ecology. Bull thistle, Cirsium vulgare. Cirsium vulgare (syns. The bracts and overall prickliness of the plant will tell you if it's a native or not - the non-native thistles are usually painfully prickly. Description Top of page C. vulgare is a biennial, or occasionally a monocarpic perennial (Grime et al., 1988).The seedling is hairy and produces numerous spines. Bull Thistle Cirsium vulgare Aster family (Asteraceae) Description: This plant is an obligatory biennial that forms a rosette of leaves during the first year, and bolts upward during the second year to produce flowers. Description. Latin name: Cirsium vulgare Synonyms: Carduus lanceolatus, Cirsium lanceolatum Family: Compositae Medicinal use of Common Thistle: The roots have been used as a poultice and a decoction of the plant used as a poultice on sore jaws. Family: ... Synonyms: Cirsium lanceolatum Other names: Nomenclature: vulgare = common, ordinary Nativity / Invasiveness: introduced plant, weed: Edible plant: Medicinal plant: Description General: plant 30-150 cm tall. It can invade almost any type of disturbed areas and forms dense thickets that crowd out native plants. Cirsium vulgare (Savi) Ten. Cirsium vulgare is a tall, biennial or short-lived monocarpic Thistle, forming a rosette of leaves and a taproot up to 28 inches (70 cm) long in the first year, and a flowering stem up to 5 feet (1.5 m) tall in the second (rarely third or fourth) year. The erect plant stands around 2 to 5 feet tall on rigid, hairy, branched stems that usually die back during winter. [20980] 106. It has a short hypocotyl and no epicotyl (Hyde-Wyatt and Morris, 1980).In the first year, a basal rosette is formed that may be up to 65 cm in diameter, the leaves of which are elliptical in shape, spiny and coarsely toothed. Carduus lanceolatus. A detailed description of reproductive and vegetative biology of bull thistle in New Zealand is provided by ... De Jong, Tom J. Description: Bull thistle is a tall, prickly biennial with spiny flowers. 81: 177-191. Growth habit: erect biennial with a taproot. You should keep any native thistles - they are excellent pollinator plants! Bull thistle is a biennial, and sometimes annual or monocarpic perennial, forb. Synonym(s): Carduus lanceolatus, Carduus vulgaris, Cirsium lanceolatum Family: Asteraceae (Aster Family) Duration and Habit: Biennial Herb. It was introduced from Europe and has naturalized in most of North America.

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