Just like with the last stand, this drum overhead mic stand is perfect for any home studio on a budget. // SINGLE SECTION BOOM ARM The single section boom arm allows you to independently adjust the length and angle to the perfect position. The On-Stage Stands SMS7650 is another professional quality studio microphone stand that is perfect for a huge range of musical applications both live and in the studio. To ensure that you end up with a spectacular kick drum microphone stand, take time to research your options, and consult online reviews that were written by other buyers. The Ultimate Support drum overhead mic stand is the first one on our list that feels a bit more quality. The industrial–grade locking casters make this stand one of the best drum overhead mic stands. These types of stands can get the microphones up very high and provide very stable support for heavier large condenser microphones. Free shipping. All of the dials tighten securely, and the boom clutch is ultra sturdy with a 40-tooth mechanism. Our best pick has to be the Atlas Sound SB36w. It is the bigger brother of the SB96+ and has the same sturdiness and dependability but with some additional improved features. Standard end address microphones include the Beta 57, Beta 56, SM57, and PG57 microphones. Be sure to check out our guide on the best drum mic kits. This is the best stand on the list, by far. One of the greatest features of the Atlas Sound SB36W is the variable, piston-type air suspension system. $19.99. $4.59. The weighted base really helps with extending the boom arm further and the added height is a bonus. Find a great collection of MICROPHONE STANDS at TAMA Drums. 82 results for mic stand drum. £614. Not only is this knob annoying in use, but it also wears out easily and doesn’t tighten the way you want it. But is it actually any good? This is the best drum overhead mic stand for the money thus far. Triad prides themselves as being the best advanced stand system on the market. 7 Piece Drum Mic Set with Carry Case by Gear4music. The drum overhead mic stand also extends to a very high height of 71.5″, without a boom arm. This will offer information on the durability of the microphone you want to buy, its sturdiness and overall quality.The right bass drum mic will make all the … This mic stand also includes a steel counterweight for added stability. Microphone StandLow level microphone stand with telescopic boom arm for drums or special use. Another excellent feature of this stand is the 35–pound cast base. The new industry standard kick drum mic Also awesome on floor toms and bass cabinets Extreme SPL capability Includes DCLIP mic clip, KD mic stand and carrying pouch Triad-Orbit Complete Kick Drum System Microphone Stand System. While the product is affordable, it features a lot of things that may be useful in your home studio. Finding the best drum overhead mic stand can be difficult, as local music shops normally don’t carry these types of stands; you usually will need to order them online. tom and snare may ind shure beta 52 rack/floor avc may ind audix d4 rack/floor avc may ind audix d6 rack/floor avc may ind shure 57 snare/rack avc may ind akg d112 rack/floor avc may ind senn 604 snare/rack/floor avc. 4 ratings. But it can reach high enough for most recording and live scenarios with a maximum height of 93 inches. $39.49. And there’s no casters on this stand for some reason! Proline MS112 Desktop Boom Mic Stand. It does not feature rolling wheels, nor does it have a counterweight. 4.0 out of 5 stars 36. Best Drum Mic Kit 2019. 17 in stock. A drum overhead mic stand is generally used in recording studios, practice spaces, and on stage. It also doesn’t extend and reach as far, which means this Tama stand needs to be placed closer to the source. Product Price $39.99. I find myself having to overcompensate on the angle to get it where I want it. I’ve been playing for twenty-plus years. This site is intended for informational purposes only. Complete Drum Mic Set. £125.00. Buy It Now +C $8.95 shipping; SPONSORED. As expected, there is a nice weighted base and an adjustable counterweight to keep things balanced. Featuring a 22-pound cast-metal base, the K&M drum overhead mic stand does feel a little cheap when compared to the Atlas stand. The stand spans from 49″ to 73″ tall. The casters are made from very cheap plastic and the locks do very little to keep the stand in place. The SMS7650 comes equipped with a 17 pound rolling base for maximum stability, and it also includes two boom shafts with different lengths. The HERCULES Low Profile Mic Stand MS540B with telescoping boom is ideal for drum and amp microphone applications. Samson 7 Piece Drum Mic Kit + Case + 2 Mic Stand + 1 Kick Stand + 7 Cables DK707. Small and sturdy, this stand will let you get that perfect kick drum sound – provided your bandmates don’t trip over it. Finally on the list is the most expensive drum overhead mic stand you can buy! Available immediately. Open quick view dialog for Digital Reference DRDK4 4-Piece Drum Mic Kit Cable and Stand Package { "inCheckoutPromo":[] } Digital Reference DRDK4 4-Piece Drum Mic Kit Cable and Stand Package. Open quick view dialog for Gator Compact Base Bass Drum and Amp Mic Stand { "inCheckoutPromo":[] } Gator Compact Base Bass Drum and Amp Mic Stand. The overhead mic stand comes in a black-powder coated finish and it feels well-made for the price. 5.0 of 5 stars (22) Reviews. This is a really nice feature that helps for easy positioning when setting up recording sessions. The usual price is 100 dollars per mic. The stand height with casters ranges between 51.5″ – 82.75″. Did you end up buying one? It has a unique combination of warmth and clarity that will motivate you to use it in any music session. // COMPACT BASE The hefty, weighted base provides balance and stability to the low-profile kick drum and amp mic stand. $479.99. The removable boom arm adjusts in angle for precise mic placement, making it a versatile choice that excels in a variety of applications ranging from miking vocals to acoustic instruments to amps. I really enjoyed the change from plastic knobs. Best casters on a heavy-duty microphone stand! Having the 17lb weight will really come in handy, as I like to use heavier microphones for overheads. The locking mechanisms work so well on these stands. In this article, we will detail the best drum overhead mic stands you can buy. The Atlas Sound drum overhead mic stand is built so perfectly; I don’t think anything will ever go bad on this product if taken care of. The Latch Lake Music micKing will last you for many generations due to its solid build quality. This K&M mic stand is easy to adjust, and it’s a great drum microphone stand that will help you to achieve quality drum recordings at home. The affordable Tama Overhead Mic Stand is a great choice for anyone looking to begin recording drums at home. Now onto the good bits – it’s surprisingly sturdy for the price. 4 Drum Mic Set of microphones Bass Kick+Snare+2 Tom Toms CAD KM 212 SN 210 TM211 £129.99. Industry-standard kick drum mic complete with low boom mic stand and XLR cable. Similarly to the Tama mic stand, this K&M drum mic stand does not feature wheels nor a counterweight. 1x i5 snare mic. Open quick view dialog for Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-2110 Deluxe Tripod Mic Stand with Single Section Boom Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-2110 Deluxe Tripod Mic Stand … 5 Best Xylophones for Babies and Toddlers (Dec 2020), 5 Best Soundproof Curtains For Noise Reduction (Dec 2020), 3 Best Roto Toms (Plus Buyer’s Guide) (Dec 2020), 3 Best Concert Toms (Plus Buyer’s Guide) (Dec 2020), 7 Best Drum Accessories and Gadgets (Dec 2020), Tama Standard Overhead Microphone Stand With Fixed Boom, On-Stage Stands SB96+ Studio Boom Overhead Mic Stand, Ultimate Support MC-125 Professional Studio Overhead Mic Stand, On-Stage Stands SMS7650 Hex Base Studio Boom Mic Stand, K&M 210/9 Telescoping Boom Microphone Stand, Ultimate Support MC-125 Overhead Mic Stand. Top … Which stand do you like most? The Shure DMK57 box contains Three SM57 Microphones and mounting hardware to attach the SM57s to snares or toms, … Desktop short stands are compatible with talkback, on-air, and interview applications. This comes in handy when using heavier microphones, like the U87. Limited instrument application. Get it as soon as Mon, Aug 31. It has an adjustable height of up to 63 inches plus a 32.5 inch boom arm that makes it suitable for drum overheads. Compare Compare Now site51500000000012551 1500000014107. This truly is a professional studio microphone stand that is constructed with quality parts. These types of stands can get the microphones up very high and provide very stable support for heavier large condenser microphones. On-Stage Club Pack Microphone Stand Package. If you are looking to dive into the world of drum recording then these Tama drum microphone stands are the best drum overhead mic stands for you. The Sennheiser MD 421 II drum mic, however, is a modern update on a classic vintage, released in 2002. $456.95. Some microphone pairs come with a stereo bar included. I love that this drum mic stand comes equipped with smooth-rolling caster wheels on the legs. This drum overhead mic stand is perfect for anyone starting a home project studio or drummers who need overhead microphone stands for the stage. Spec-wise, the Sennheiser MD 421 II drum mic is a dynamic microphone with a large diaphragm with a cardioid polar pattern. It’s easy to adjust and it’s suitable for virtually any studio or stage application. No matter which way you look at it, these are exceptional stands. For the price of the Latch Lake stand, you can just about buy two Atlas Sound stands! Today, we are going to help you select the best drum mic kits you can buy currently in the market. If you believe I made any mistakes in the article, please leave me a message and I’ll be sure to make corrections. The products listed in the table below are of a varying price range — both affordable and expensive. Compare Compare Now site51408547613673814806 1408368027298. On-Stage Club Pack Microphone Stand Package. Designed to accept most all drum microphones which use an industry standard mic clip or threaded stand … A heavy, solid-metal base gives this MS7920B Bass Drum/Boom Combo Mic Stand the stability of larger models, while its compact size permits easy placement in tight spaces. Keep reading to get a more in-depth review of each drum overhead mic stand. Even though they don’t work great, there’s a slim chance that your microphones will be flying all over the place under your studio floor isn’t level. may mic accessories Open quick view dialog for Gator Compact Base Bass Drum and Amp Mic Stand { "inCheckoutPromo":[] } Gator Compact Base Bass Drum and Amp Mic Stand. On-Stage MSB6000 Tripod Mic Stand Bag. This heavy duty bass drum kick pedal is double-chained and very sturdy, featuring a two-sided beater. The MC-125 features a superior 35-pound cast base that gives this stand serious strength and stability. The dials tighten securely and they won’t drift at all. Weighing in at 6.85 pounds, this is a sturdy boom mic stand that has a rock-solid t-bar locking screw that won’t move at all once it’s set. This stand also features a folding tripod base. It has a good balance of pro-level features and usability, and it will stay securely in place whilst recording. For both studio sessions and touring, this drum mic stand won’t let you down. Made of all metal, this single kick drum pedal also boasts frictionless bearing hinges for smooth pedal action, a weight spine pedal plate to help keep the pedal securely in place by preventing slippage, and beater shaft locks that prevent the beater arm from sliding out of position. The drum overhead microphone stand from K&M is a solid choice, but not for this price point. Traditionally, a drum kit is mic’d up with a mic on the kick, snare, hi-hat and two overhead mics for the cymbals and toms. You can really tell that it is a quality stand, made from the highest level materials. Hamilton Nu-Era Tabletop Mic Stand. TAMA offers Drum Kits, Snare Drums, Original Percussion, Hardware, Microphone Stands and Sticks, plus drum accessories like bags, cases and practice goods. You are able to individually adjust leg angles for flexible positioning. The only things I found quirky with it are the adjustment knobs, which I will detail more about below. Popular . SPONSORED. The two pieces come together with a gyromatic swivel, made from die-cast. Save this search. The best feature of this drum mic stand is the hefty 17-pound base. Or $10/month§ for 48 months i. Triad-Orbit Complete Kick Drum System Microphone Stand System. The Ultimate Support MC-125 Overhead Mic Stand is the premier choice for musicians and producers looking to equip their studio with one of the most reliable and high quality microphone stands on the market. Only 13 left in stock - order soon. You’ll be able to use heavy large condenser microphones for your drum overheads with ease. The Polyurethane wheels roll and turn smoothly, and lock in place securely once you’ve found the ideal position. All of the dials tighten securely, and the boom clutch is ultra sturdy with a 40-tooth mechanism. When it comes to bass drum recording this mic always receives rave reviews and is one of the highest-rated mics. Holding your large condenser microphone will be no problem. Microphone placement is also very easy with the micKing. The mic stand has an extra-long telescoping boom arm that extends to 76 inches which gives you lots of recording flexibility for drum overheads. A wide variety of drum mic stands options are available to you, such as function, material, and use. I’m glad they have changed my opinion on their products. The Die Cast Aluminum Tripod Base provides support and durability. If it was me and it was between the two On Stage stands, I would definitely pick the SMS7650. The MC-125 also features locking casters that really don’t move. Sometimes a Short Microphone Stand is the perfect solution. Pass it down to your grand kids! Alibaba.com offers 834 drum mic stands products. Again, this counterweight is fixed and cannot be adjusted. FREE Ground Shipping. CAD Audio Stage7 Premium 7-Piece Drum Instrument Mic Pack with Vinyl Carrying Case + 2 Mic Stands & 2 Kick Stands + 7 XLR Mic Cables. Moving on, we have the On Stage SMS7650. The products On Stage designs are founded on a promise of affordability, durability, and innovation. Get 7 mic stands for one great price! Your Price $ 38.49 msrp:59.99,lowPrice:38.49. Some of the earlier stands on our list feature plastic wheels that slide easily. Your Price $ 199.99 msrp:,lowPrice:199.99. Now that you’ve got your stands, in addition to overhead microphones, you’ll most likely also want some close mics. AKG D112 – The D112 has been a popular kick drum mic for live and studio settings for decades. The best part about this stand is the heavy 17lb base. Mic’ing up a drum kit can be one of the most difficult tasks an engineer can face – thankfully, with the right microphone, the job can become much easier. The Beta 91A is rightly regarded as one of the best drum microphones by engineers all over the world. Keeping your microphone balanced helps your stands last longer, as the adjustment knobs don’t need to be tightened and strained all the time. 15% Off $199+ w/code. Wow. It does stay firmly in place. Yes, they are way too expensive for the average user, but for a full-blown studio build, I’d be torn between this stand and the Atlas Sound stand. Generally, any product that you purchase from On Stage will most likely be extremely cheap and poorly made. Great for fitting in tight spaces and for low-profile visuals, this mic stand is perfect for using on kick and snare drums, as well as bass and guitar amps. This is a seriously pro-level feature that will allow you to mount heavy condenser microphones. No mic stand required. Gator Compact Base Bass Drum and Amp Mic Stand. You’re not going to get the highest-quality casters or the best adjustment knobs, but for a pretty low price, you can have a stereo set of overhead microphone stands for your home or project studio. Let us know in the comments down below. 5.0 of 5 stars (22) Reviews. Featuring rollerblade-style caster wheels and super smooth movement, you’ll be able to roll this stand around your studio with ease. In Stock. Latch Lake’s microphone stands are top of the line when it comes to build quality. 4.5 of 5 stars. 15% Off $199+ w/code. The On Stage SB96+ is a surprisingly well-made drum overhead mic stand for the price. C $44.99. Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand with Soft Grip Twist Clutch, Boom arm, … As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Somehow, this stand is more expensive than that one and doesn’t come close with its quality. The SB96+ drum overhead mic stand has a removable 7 inch arm extension, a 40-tooth boom clutch, an extra long telescoping boom arm, a solid steel counterweight, reaches a height of 76 inches, as well as locking casters. This gives you several length options of up to a huge 82 inches for greater positioning flexibility. Just wow. Compare Compare Now site51408547613673814806 1408368027298. The OnStage kick drum mic stand is a testament for purchasing a stand specific to kick drums. This microphone boom stand is no exception. First off, the casters on this drum overhead mic stand are amazing. A setup of 3 mics that would mic your Bass drum, Snare and Tom would be approximately $350.00 for a quality set. This ensures your microphones stay safe. The On Stage Drum Set Microphone Rim Clip and Stand Package is the perfect package for anyone that needs to mic drums with out the bulk of a bag full of mic stands. The height, boom angle, and boom length are all adjustable, enabling precise mic positioning. When you purchase a T3C stand, you’ll need to purchase a boom arm if you so desire. Price: $201.94. The stand has a black powder-coated finish, which is a nice touch. Best Cymbal Toppers For Drummers – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide, The Best In-Ear Monitor Setup for Drummers, Behringer X32 Rack Review: Best Digital Mixer For IEM, The Twelve Days of Drum-mas: 12 Christmas Drum Songs to Play to This Year, Meinl Sand Cymbal Set Review: 14″ Hats and 20″ Ride, Moeller Strokes: How to Play and a Quick History, Sonic Rebel to Release New EP: Interview with Tammy Hurt. I should just end it here. They are affordable, sturdy, adjustable and lightweight for easy setup and transportation. It’s dubbed as the most adjustable studio boom on the market and it’s one of the most robust too. The typical rock drummer will choose a fairly thick batter head or even a 2-ply head and tune it very low, to gain maximum attack and low end. It is a classic microphone, with its origins going all the way back to 1960 when it was released. Buy the Audix D6 Drum Mic and Stand at Drum Center of Portsmouth and browse thousands of unique percussion products tailored for the serious and beginning drummer. A heavy, solid-metal base gives this MS7920B Bass Drum/Boom Combo Mic Stand the stability of larger models, while its compact size permits easy placement in tight spaces. This set-up uses an Overhead Drum Miking Technique includes the 2 overhead Pencil Condenser mics and a quality large Diaphragm Dynamic Kick Drum mic. Overall this is one of the best drum overhead mic stands available, and it offers good value for money even with the premium price tag. The On-Stage Stands SB96+ Studio Boom Overhead Mic Stand is one of the best microphone stands for drummers on the market. I think this one of the worst picks on our list. The dynamic capsule results in an even signal response especially in close-mic applications. Compare. List price: Previous Price C $80.99. The casters are removable if you just want to keep it in once place, but I find having the casters on is very useful for keeping the studio clean when not in use. It will rightfully earn its place as a dynamic microphone, even in professional toolboxes. This stand is also the first on our list to feature an adjustable counterweight. This is basically the exact same stand we just talked about with a 17lb base. Like the Shure Beta 52A, the D112 has a … A popular suggestion for a Free Virtual Drums instrument is Drum Mic'a from Sennheiser. The On Stage SMS7650 is a more serious version of the SB96+. 6ft XLR 3-Pin Female to 1/4" Mono Plug Shielded Microphone Mic Audio Cable Cord. 4.0 of 5 stars. The stand is also equipped with very quiet, ball-bearing swivel casters like you’d see on a road case. Now we’re getting to the big dogs. These stands feel really good to handle and definitely will last a lifetime. $299.00$299.00. The On Stage SB96+ only offers a weight on the end of the boom that is not adjustable, so you may want to pick up some sandbags to weight it down just to be safe. It’s the top of the line boom-stand! A drum overhead mic stand is generally used in recording studios, practice spaces, and on stage. 1-Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 This kick drum mic is able to keep up with other upper echelon mics. The Tama mic stand is cheaper than the previous drum overhead mic stands, and it does compromise somewhat on features. The overall construction feels really solid. Shure Beta 57A with Boom Mic Stand and 6m Cable. LyxPro KDS-1 Kick Drum Mic Stand, Adjustable Microphone BoomStand. They are perfect for anyone with expensive microphones; this stand will keep them safe. 1x Audix D6 bass drum microphones. The Triad-Orbit system is modular. This snare drum micr has excellent qualities that deliver balanced, articulate and crisp sounds. 0 Reviews. More Buying Choices. Free shipping . The cost of these stands is a little more, but they are made inside the United States. Expensive. The Kelly SHU™ is an integrated shock-mount and microphone isolation system adaptable to any size or depth of kick drum and larger diameter tom drums. Latch Lake claims that their boom system is the strongest system in the world. I once had an earlier model of this stand that I toured with and the plastic knobs broke right off inside my hardware case. The mic stand has an extra-long telescoping boom arm that extends to 76 inches which gives you lots of recording flexibility for drum overheads. Rating (4) 3.5 out of 5 stars. Available immediately. Or $10/month§ for 48 months i. I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality when reviewing this stand. I’ve been obsessed with drums and percussion (especially all the gear) since day one of playing. It’s an affordable industry standard that most studios have in their mic cabinet. The Triad-Orbit stand is definitely the outlier on our list, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but once you use one, you’ll understand why they are so useful. While this isn’t exactly the best feature, remember that this is a very specialized drum overhead mic stand and is made extremely well. The only other difference is that this drum overhead mic stand is not power coated. Harga: Mic Drum Samson DMK7 DMK 7 Kit Mic InstrumentRp870.000: Harga: Mik Mic Drum Shure PGA Kit 7 Mic InstrumentRp815.000: Harga: STAND MIC KENDANG/ DRUMRp49.000: Harga: AKG DRUM SET SESSION 1 ORIGINAL DRUM MIC PACK 1x P2 4x P4 2x P17Rp4.650.000: Harga: Mic Drum Shure PGA 7 Kit 7 pcs Mic Drum InstrumentRp811.000 This allows a mic to be placed inside the bass drum, to get more attack when the beater hits the batter head. It has a 7′ boom and a 7′ mass, combined to be a 14′ stand. It doesn’t wobble at all and the construction is solid, with tight locking sleeves and bolts throughout. It also comes equipped with a 5.75-pound adjustable counterweight for greater flexibility when positioning overhead drum microphones. Tama is a brand that is well known for producing rock-solid drums and hardware. For a little more, you can eliminate the sandbags. You get 4 tripod boom stands, a round base stand, a short amp/kick drum mic stand, and a short tripod boom mic stand. This is perfect for drum sets, where space is a premium. The large diaphragm, dynamic element handles high sound pressure levels very well making it a natural choice for recording drums. Instead of a height of 76 inches, you get a whopping 82″ boom with a steel counterweight. Triad stands utilize pro-grade clutches instead of cheap plastic knobs and thumbscrews. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. If your budget is small, this stand will get the trick done. Most drum overhead mic stands offer an adjustable counterweight on the boom arm. I love that this drum mic stand comes equipped with smooth-rolling caster wheels on the legs. Microphone drum mount attaches a standard end address microphone to the side of a drum for compact and accurate drum mic placement. Your Price $ 38.49 msrp:59.99,lowPrice:38.49. Drum mic set. Product Price $38.49. One thing I failed to mention, as well, was the use of a stereo bar. There really is nothing that can beat this stand. 4.5 of 5 stars. It weighs in at 7 pounds, which is significantly lighter. You get 4 tripod boom stands, a round base stand, a short amp/kick drum mic stand, and a short tripod boom mic stand. 2 Pieces Adjustable Drum Microphone Holder Clips Drum Hoop on Rim Mount Shock Mount Mic Stand There may be affiliate links on this page and on others. If you have a stereo pair of overhead microphones, similar to the KSM 137s, you could always just buy one drum overhead mic stand and use the XY pattern with a stereo bar. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Drum mic kits 2017. It feels like a tank when you move it. This mic stand also has a unique feature called articulating legs. On-Stage MS7625B Hex-Base Quarter-Turn Microphone Stand. 20+ in stock. The boom This is definitely a great value drum overhead mic stand that makes a perfect addition for any home recording studio or live touring setup. For your ease and convenience, we have listed quite a number of them and left you with their pros and cons as well. Product page Audix Only Microphone Sets for Drums of Audix . Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0821 Drum/Amplifier Microphone Stand. Mechanically, this stand just feels great. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Top Seller. 2x ADX51 overhead and hi-hat microphones. With many options on the market, it can be hard to pick out the best drum overhead mic stand. Bass Drum Mic Stand Package with Triad TM Mini Stand, Orbit Mini/OM Orbital Boom, Micro 2/M2 Mic Adapter, IO-C Clamp Base, and M3 Adapter. $456.95. The adjustable counterweight is super easy to use and is very effective when holding a heavy microphone. Thanks for reading. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Obviously, this is not a stand you will take on tour, but it is the ultimate drum overhead microphone stand for in the recording studio. The best drum mic kit for live sound: The first drum mic kit on our list is DMK57 a high quality packaged selection of microphones and mounts, specifically designed to offer a core package of microphones for recording and performing drummers at a very great price. Shipping to 98052 : Items in search results. Studio Bundle - Microphone Stand, Pop Filter, and Boom Arm Stand By Deco Gear. It’s definitely one of the more expensive stands, but is absolutely well worth it. I really wish this mic stand had an adjustable counterweight. At about $200, it’s the same price as the Audix D6 and gets the job done. This piece is essentially, just the base. It’s strong and durable, plus it boasts studio-quality features throughout. The height, boom angle, and boom length are all adjustable, enabling precise mic positioning. This drum overhead mic stand has 62” mic boom and goes from 49″ to 73″ in height. Great bass drum mic. Bass Drum Mic Stand Package with Triad TM Mini Stand, Orbit Mini/OM Orbital Boom, Micro 2/M2 Mic Adapter, IO-C Clamp Base, and M3 Adapter. The quality of the build is mind-blowing. Features: The Quik-N-EZ Boom Retainer quickly and securely locks to the floor stand. Product Price $24.99. If you’re looking for a high-end drum microphone stand then this is one of the best options out there for the money. These hand-selected collections of quality AKG drum mics for touring, live and studio applications will perfectly capture every kick, snare, tom and cymbal with perfect clarity. Ideal for the touring professional, our height-adjustable MS7701B Euro Boom Mic Stand delivers exceptional stability in any setting, even on irregular surfaces. 4 x. It’s a very heavy-duty stand designed to stand up to the rigours of extensive touring, and it comes with a Lifetime warranty for peace of mind. Whilst being robust this stand is also portable, and the legs fold up for easy transportation. When I locked this stand in place, it actually didn’t move when I attempted to roll it around. The MC-125, like all other Ultimate Support stands, features poorly designed boom adjustment knob. The base includes a no-slip, vibration reducing gasket for better sound quality. may ind no mic bass drum shock mount avc. This is the type of stand you will definitely see in a major recording studio. The Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 mic drum kit is a premium set of drum mics.recommended by audio engineers for professional use.This drum kit packs in many cutting-edge features to ensure ultimate performance.It contains 7-piece quality drum kit a DTP 640 REX, three dynamic DTP 340 TT microphones, two LCT 340 condenser microphones … The adjustment knobs are made from cheap plastic and feel as if they would break easily if you traveled with these stands. The counterweight is made from die-cast and weighs 5.75 pounds. Let’s talk about the bad now. $329.99. Buy drum mic stand and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! These solid stands are well-suited for mic’ing a kick drum, a guitar amp, and more. Lastly on our list of the best drum overhead mic stands we have the K&M 210/9 Microphone Stand and this is a solid option for the price. This unique, well-crafted kick drum mic is durable, dynamic, and heavy-duty. $157.95. The On Stage SB96+ is one of the most affordable overhead microphone stands on the market. Grab two of these on wheels and you’re set for life! About 0% of these are Microphone. Drum Microphone Mounts, Support Systems and Accessories.