Bullet Weight. Ultimately, either round will serve you well. re: .380 vs .22 Magnum Pistol for Self-defense Posted by Slickback on 10/3/12 at 3:02 pm to CoastieGM If you're worried about size, capacity, and killing ability check out the FN FiveSeven. DAO Compact Pistol . The .380 vs 9mm ballistics is not the only comparison to consider. Plus, you might not have made your mind up about whether to get a pistol or revolver. The 9mm is the perfect round to move up to when you’ve gotten used to the 22lr. Ballistics are important, but then again, so is recoil, confidence, ability, price, and penetration. The .380 vs 9mm ballistics is not the only comparison to consider. The 9mm is slightly more expensive, has more recoil, is louder, and is a little more challenging to shoot. The entry hole was only slightly bigger and the width of the cavitation was the same as the 22 … The typical .380 ACP load is a 90-grain projectile, with muzzle velocity somewhere between 900 to 1000 feet per second, and around 180 to 230 foot-pounds of energy. It is a decent compromise between utility and defense. 380 vs. 9mm Ballistics Velocity I carry a 40 on duty because I have to, if I could I’d carry a 9mm. Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare; Contribute; Contact; Smith & Wesson . Facing In; … 0. Best Pocket Gun Caliber? 127 Views Share Embed Download In General. I've quit buying it. and many other smaller calibers. It too traversed the block. Its also a weaker self-defense round than the 9mm. Ballistics are important, but then again, so is recoil, confidence, ability, price, and penetration. While .380 ACP is x17mm Vs. 9mm Luger's x19mm, it is not 11% less powder or 11% less energy. 0. A great number of you reading this might be considering a conceal and carry weapon. Most .380 caliber hand guns easily have the fire power to pierce a human or animal skull, as does even a .22 caliber. Don'thave a box of .380 present while shooting 9mm. Why? Recoil like a .22, high capacity, and will kill the hell out of anything. Customary Metric . The 380 ball round streaked next to the 30 grain 22 Magnum tract. Even though the material cost is more affordable to make the 380 ammo, the 9mm ammo’s production cost is lower due to being mass-produced. 9mm and .380 ACP cartridges — both popular choices for self-defense rounds — have the same diameter, but a 9mm round is longer. The 9mm is fairly cheap for a centerfire round, and has good defense capability for a handgun. Winner: 9mm Luger. Another comparison featuring .380 , 9mm , .40 , and even the 22lr got in on the fun!!!! The .22 is a GREAT utility round, but is a terrible self-defense round. .380 ACP vs 9mm comparison. DAO Compact Pistol *Buying ammo from LuckyGunner.com helps support HandgunHero. However, due to the popularity of the 9mm caliber, 9x19mm is typically $0.05 to $0.10 cheaper per round. .380 vs 9mm vs .40 Part 2 1. For example, the 380 vs 9mm. Compare Views. It’s all a matter of personal preference when talking about 380 or 9mm, or for that matter 9mm vs. 40 or 45. However, there are a few calibers that are equally popular and suitable for their individual purpose. If your goal is to have the same trigger for both 9mm and .22 then the conversion kits are really the only game in town. Adequate though marginal as the .380 may be as a self defense round, a 22 LR is more marginal still - by far IMO. M&P 9 Shield EZ. The other side of the equation for energy is the weight of the bullet, .380 ACP normally tops out at about 100gr bullets while 9mm normally doesn't start until at least 115gr. The popularity of the .32 ACP waned amid stiff competition from the .380 ACP until 1996, when the Beretta Tomcat, a slightly enlarged version of the .22 LR/.25 ACP Bobcat, was introduced in .32 ACP. 9mm or 22LR For Self-Defense. Some ammo types rank higher than others for many reasons. Case length does not equate to either of those measurements. And, this is mainly due to the type of guns that chamber it. of bullet energy from the muzzle of a 9mm Luger is not a lot in the firearm world—consider that an average .30-06 deer rifle produces around 2,500 ft.-lbs. If you go to the store and pick up two random boxes; one a 9mm Luger and one a .380 Auto, you’re all but guaranteed to see that the 9mm packs a heavier bullet. When comparing 380 ammo vs 9mm ammo, you would think the cheaper choice would be the 380, since there are lower costs in raw materials. 0. Using the Ruger LCP .380 ACP, the S&W 342PD .38 Special and the Diamondback DB9 9mm. 9mm is faster, and hits harder, and is generally held to be more effective…though it does produce more recoil in a pistol of equal size. If you’re looking to stop an attacker you’ll want a round that can cause the maximum amount of damage. Gun enthusiasts are constantly comparing popular ammunition to find the best bang for their buck. .380 vs 9mm Recoil Management. 9mm vs .38 Special – Conceal and Carry. energy—a 9mm’s energy is far greater than a .22 LR’s piddly 105 ft.-lbs. Well, we argue that the .38 Special is still a super relevant caliber today. Match .22 ammo can cost more then garden variety 9mm, but cheapest vs cheapest 9mm is 4-5X more expensive per shot.--wally. The .380 ACP round is cheaper and easier to handle and conceal, while the 9mm is more powerful overall. There is some overlap, but in general the 9mm Luger has heavier projectiles than the .380 ACP. M&P 380 Shield EZ. .380 VS .38 VS 9mm WATERMELON Test! Whenever any size round is discussed, inevitably the discussion turns towards recoil. 70 Views Share Embed Download In General. It has about 68 percent more energy than the .380 Auto. wally, Aug 28, 2006 #7. The long-brewing comparison between the 380 and the 9mm … Seeing which is the "better" pocket gun caliber, the .380 ACP, the .38 Special or the 9mm. While the standard and lower cost 'full metal jacket' type ammo will work, many recommend the … Why not just get a 9mm?.380 ammo is high in price relative to 9mm, so its not a good utility round. 380 VS 9mm: Ammo Comparisons. Winner: 9mm Luger. Compare the dimensions and specs of Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ and Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield EZ. I know that certain .22 bullets can be driven deeper into wet pack than certain .380 bullets - and I know that more than one BG has been done in by the Israli secret service with a sub sonic .22 to the temple. 40 is less expensive than 45, even if you reload. .380 vs 9mm ballistics…well, aren’t really close. I can shoot a 9mm better than a 40, as well as train more with one due to the ammo being less expensive. There is so much more that goes into it than just how deadly these bullets can be. VS. Smith & Wesson . There is so much more that goes into it than just how deadly these bullets can be. So which of the two is the better self-defense cartridge? All the ammunition used is standard pressure Speer Gold Dot. Now that we’ve covered the science (more or less) behind the .380 ACP and 9mm rounds, lets talk subjective traits. What the .380 lacks in muzzle velocity it more than makes up for in recoil management. While 255 ft.-lbs. It was a very compact and lightweight pistol with a unique “tip-up” barrel system that allowed easy loading of an additional eighth round of ammo. Always appreciative of any channel help :) … Me and my brother in law decided to see how well some of our ammo did against the local rocks. I had the same leading experience with Remmington "Thunderbold" a few months ago in several guns.