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P.56. P. 66. Degrees of Freedom in HVAC Controls Design. Nov. Understanding Fuel Savings in the Boiler Room. October. January. P. 16. Aquifer for Cooling. June. Why Go International. Dec. Aug. ASHRAE Technology Portal provides access to ASHRAE Journal. P.41. June. Air Distribution in the OR. School and More. Thermal Environment, IAQ and Sleep. Donald L. Beaty. P. 54. P.56. Gail S. Brager. P. 82. June. September. May. January. Kurt Monteiro, Brent Frayne. Toshiya Iwamatsu, Ph.D.; Wataru Urabe. Mehdi Jalayerian, Steven Eich. P.20. September. P. 58. P. 48. Using Weather Data for Predictive Control. April. Solving for Friction Factor. Andy Persily. Rodrigo Mora, Ph.D.; Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.) Nov. Information Model Standard for Integrating Facilities with Smart Grid. Nov. Supply Air CO2 Control of Minimum Outdoor Air for Multiple Space Systems. Dec. ... ASHRAE Journal - August 2008 - Advertising Index ASHRAE Journal - August 2008 - AAON, Inc. ASHRAE Journal - August 2008 - Munters Corp., Dehumidification Div. P. S11. Joe Prisco, Pam Lembke. HVAC Fault Detection. July. Joseph W. Lstiburek. Leon Alevantis, Hal Levin. Oct. New Tools for Specifying BACnet. Machinery Room Ventilation. Mark E. Schaffer. Hans Symanczik. Resilience and the Indoor Environment. P. 74. Sept. August. George C. Briley. Giacomo Favaro, Luigi De Rossi, Damiano Rossi. P. 106. ASHRAE Journal's journal/conference profile on Publons, with 44 reviews by 26 reviewers - working with reviewers, publishers, institutions, and funding agencies to turn peer review into a … Thomas H. Durkin. June. Doing Business with Homeland Security. Nov. What Testing Reveals. Selecting Ventilation Air Filters to Reduce PM2.5 of Outdoor Origin. Terry Brennan, Andrew Persily, Michael Clarkin, Steve Emmerich. J. Feb. Donald M. Weekes, CIH. The Eyes Have It - Part Two. March. March. Office Retrofit. Hugh McMillan, Jim Block. Simpler Duct Systems. H. Michael Newman. Aug. Joseph W. 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Energy Recovery in Lab Air-Handling Systems. Ventilation for Changeover-Bypass VAV Systems. William Ryan. Daniel H. Nall. April. P. 56. Lessons from the Ground Up. Efficient Labs for University. P. 62. P. 83. Frank Morrison. Detlef Westphalen. Kurt W. Roth, Allan Chertok, John Dieckmann, James Brodrick. Understanding Drainage Planes. P. 54. Holistic Design Approach for Energy Efficiency. Stephen W. Duda, P.E. Steven R. Daley. Janet E. Stout, Robert R. Muder. Kenneth M. Elovitz, David Gordon, Daniel J. Cashman. George C. Briley. P.44. Robert Zogg, Kurt Roth, James Brodrick. Sept. Assessing Mold in Buildings. December. David G. Holmberg, Joel Bender, Mike Galler. April. Jan. Oct. ASHRAE Homeland Security Activities and Reports. Feb. Refrigeration Air Cooler Rating Methods. P. 100. Dec. Evolution of Thermal Energy Storage for Cooling Applications. Learn more about Research Reports at resourcecenter.ashrae.org P.48. December. P. 28. June. David A. John. P. 78. P. 52. Andy Pearson. ; Stephanie Baker. Michael K. Patterson, Robin Steinbrecher, Steve Montgomery. Jason Robbins, Benjamin Skelton, Steve Sovak, Rob Olden. Steve Karg. April. Andy Pearson. Citation/Indexing Services for ASHRAE Journal Abstracting Services ASHRAE The ASHRAE Abstract Center. P. 36. Oct. Acoustical Case Studies of HVAC Systems in Schools. P. 118. P. 14. P.34. P. 42. P. 82. Reducing Energy Use in Older Large Buildings. John Kettler. ; Yasuko Sakurai, Dr.Eng. Nov. BACnet™ in Europe. P. 30. Oct. Power Plant Water Use. Dec. For the first time, ASHRAE is making available to authors an extended abstract option for the 2019 Annual Conference Research Summit track only. P. H37. April. Retail in Cold Climate. March. Cogeneration: Engineering Natural Gas-Driven Systems. Bass Abushakra, Ph.D. P.26. p. 16. Janet E. Stout, Robert R. Muder. P. 65. P. 12. P. 58. A Beacon for Urban Waters. P. 100. Brian Liebel, James Brodrick. A Proposed Full Range Relative Humidity Definition. Role of Utilities. P.38. Addressing Residential. P. 26. P. 52. P. 44. P. 50. P. 72. May. P. 37. Lessons Learned in Wireless Monitoring. Andy Pearson, Ph.D., C.Eng. P. 18. May. Energy Simulation in the Building Design Process. Matthew E. Mullen. Andy Pearson, Ph.D., C.Eng. April. Building Sciences: Thermodynamics: It%u2019s Not Rocket Science. Sept. Solid-State Lighting, Part 1. Jan. Acute Care: Lean, Green & Digital. July. P. 36. P.88. Nov. Learning from Mistakes. P. 75. P. 52. Feb. Air-Cooled HVAC Retrofit: Safe Bet for Vegas Schools. Business, As Usual? Feb. Building Sciences: Some Old Lessons Distilled. P. B24. Oct. Jonathan Mesik. Feb. Sequencing & Control of Compressors. Drawing Parallels. Fire/Smoke Damper Applications. ASHRAE RP; Purchase Research Reports ; Research Strategic Plan; Technical Committees; Science and Technology for the Built Environment; Authoring Tools. May. P. 75. Advancing Occupant Modeling for Building Design & Code Compliance, Part 1. Ken Masica. Feb. Federal Information Quality Act and Guideline. Aug. Building Sciences: The Evolution of Walls. P. 36. August. July. P. 44. May. Paul A. Torcellini, Ph.D., P.E. P.68. ; Stanley Katz; Simon Kattoura, P.Eng. Nov. DOAS & Humidity Control. P. 50. H.W. Chin S. Yang and Paul J. Ellringer. Mukesh Khattar, Don Shirey, Richard Raustad. Thomas M. Lawrence, Jeffrey D. Mullen, Douglas S. Noonan, Jay Enck. P. 70. Steven T. Taylor, P.E. Aug. 15 Things to Know About Cooling Water Treatment. July. Jan. Design Review Process, The. Is CO2 Indoor Pollutant? Stephen O. Andersen; James Wolf; Yunho Hwang, Ph.D.; Jiazhen Ling. Kitchen Hoods Using Demand Ventilation. Roger Chang, P.E. Aug. Automated Whole Building Diagnostics. Mary Kate McGowan. December. Joseph W. Lstiburek. July. Srinivas Katipamula. Dec. Heat Recovery for Office Tower. P.131. Hybrid Ventilation in the Netherlands. HFOs: New, Low Global Warming Potential Refrigerants. P. 48. April. Nov. Basics of Well-Mixed Room Air Distribution. May. June. May. May. Preserving The Tombs Of the Pharaohs. P. 136. June. A.S.H.V.E. October. Changing Landscape of Data Centers—Part 1: Information Technology Equipment. Whole House Air Cleaners: Effect on HVAC System Performance. Steve Kavanaugh, Josh Kavanaugh. December. Christian Taber. P. 60. ASHRAE Journal Self-Citation Ratio. Holness. Air-to-Air Exchangers. P. 22. Net Zero-Ready School. P. 30. Mohamed Ouf, Ph.D., P.Eng. Joseph W. Lstiburek. Using Variable Speed Drives for Evaporative Condensers. Mar. P. 33. P. 70. P. 30. June. Psychrometric Chart Celebrates 100th Anniversary. David Schurk. Mission Critical. Changing Landscape of Data Centers Part 2: ITE Thermal Design. P. 54. December. P. 18. ASHRAE’s Living Lab. Sarah Berseth. P.84. Steven T. Taylor, P.E. Oct. Commissioning High Performance Buildings. Candis M. Hunter, Joe Laco, Jasen Kunz. P. 90. Introduction to Residential IEQ. Sept. Data Center Cooling. May. P. 56. Keeping Cooks in the Kitchen: Solving the Makeup Air Dilemma. P. 50. March. March. Dan Int-Hout and Lilli Wilbar. P. 64. Roots, J.R. Pfafflin. The search feature can be found under the Edit drop-down menu in Adobe. Essam E. Khalil. Donald L. Beaty. Im Vergleich zu historischen Journal Impact sank der Journal Impact 2019 von ASHRAE Journal um 4.55 %. Comfort Conditioning and Indoor Air Quality. Lisa Meline. Andy Pearson. P. S4. June. P.71. Upgrading for Extreme Efficiency. Airtight Buildings: Past, Present and Future. April. This Bud's For You: Marijuana Grow Rooms & Commercial Grow Operations. August. Estimating Demand & Efficiency. July. May. June. A Stable Whole Building Performance Method for Standard 90.1, Part 2. December. Optimum Placement For Air-Cooled Chillers. Michael Rutberg, Mildred Hastbacka, Antonio Bouza. Economizer for Data Center. Thomas Boeckermann, Harold Stevens, Thomas Kuehn, Shawn Manisto, Bill Griffin. Thermal Comfort in Health-Care Settings. July. Joseph W. Lstiburek. Aug. Water on the Inside. P. 50. Emerging Technologies: Infrared Radiant Heaters. P.60. September. Dan Int-Hout. Explaining to a Layperson How Air Conditioners Work. P. 28. Brian Leibel, James Brodrick. Steve Tom. P. 28. P. 36. P. 42. P. 24. P. 36. Frank Musica. Joseph W. Lstiburek. Public Policy & IAQ. From Makeup Air to Space Heating: Direct-Fired Technology. ASHRAE Journal 33(9):38 – 44. P. 74. Efficiency Plus Reliability. P. B13. Marc Abadie, Ph.D.; Pawel Wargocki, Ph.D.; Carsten Rode, Ph.D.; Jensen Zhang, Ph.D. P.62. June. Standard 62.1: Calculation Tools for the Ventilation Rate Procedure. October. 55-56, 1949-1958  ASHRAE Composite Index of Technical Articles 1949-1958 (10.4 MB) Subtitle: Key Word Index of All Technical Material That Appeared in ASH&VE Transactions, ASH&VE Journal and ASRE "Refrigerating Engineering", 1959-1976  1959-1976 ASHRAE Composite Index of Technical Articles (18 MB), 1977  1977 ASHRAE Composite Index of Technical Articles, 1978  1978 ASHRAE Composite Index of Technical Articles, 1979  1979 ASHRAE Composite Index of Technical Articles, 1980  1980 ASHRAE Composite Index of Technical Articles, Access to ASHRAE Abstract Archives requires member login: Abstract Archives. Igor Dubov. P.14. John Bush, Scott Mitchell. Andy Pearson, Ph.D., C.Eng. P.10. Terry W. Hoffmann. Frank Morrison. P. 16. Thermal Energy Storage Myths. Theresa A. Weston P.68. Jerald P. Martocci. Feb. Thermally Active Floors: Part 3: Making it Work. P. 60. P. 38. Emerging Technologies: Ductless Split Systems. P. 36. Building Sciences: Why Green Can Be Wash. Joseph W. Lstiburek. Andy Pearson. Overestimating Energy and Cost Savings of Installing VFDs. P. B2. Carbon Dioxide for Industrial Refrigeration. Daniel H. Nall. P. 67. July. P. 18. Process Commissioning. P. 54. Leiningen vs. the Ants Redux. P. 141. March. 1994. Sept. P. S12. Dec. Wallingford, T.G. P. 127. Icing the President. P.40. P. 50. Nov. Flexibility for N.Y. Medical Center. Dan Int-Hout. Taking the Puck Outside: NHL's Cool Strategy for the Winter Classic. P. 34. John Murphy. (Burt) Rishel. Apr. Guruprakash Sastry, Peter Rumsey. P. 57. P. 58. Mar. Do Furnaces Dry Air? A Balanced System Approach to the Water-Energy Nexus. Designing Pipe Insulation Systems. P. S4. Oct. Reading, Writing and BACnet™. P.60. Nov. OpenADR Advances. Jan. Emerging Technologies: Residential Energy Monitoring. Effect of Heat Rejection Load and Wet Bulb on Cooling Tower Performance. Sept. Underfloor for Technology Firm. March. Yuri A. Tabunschikov, Marianna M. Brodatch. Alissa Cooperman, John Dieckmann, James Brodrick. 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The People's Air Conditioner: Henry Galson 1900–1963. P.40. Joseph W. Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng. Financial Performance Impacts Compensation Option. Jared A. Higgins. Emerging Technologies: Small Devices, Big Loads. P. 58. October. Jan. New Guideline for Data Center Cooling. Long-Term Commercial GSHP Performance: Part 2: Ground Loops, Pumps, Ventilation Air and Controls. ASHRAE Moves to New Global Headquarters. Emerging Technologies: Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioners. Kishor Khankari, Ph.D. P.14. June. Donald P. Gatley. P. 74. Frederick Marks, Satchidananda Panda. Process Commissioning: Preparing a Cx Plan. September. Holness. Satish Kumar, William J. Fisk. P.56. Cogeneration Systems: Balancing the Heat-Power Ratio. July. June. P. B12. Steven T. Taylor. P. 26. Michael C. Connor. P. 128. P. 24. Donald L. Beaty. P. 73. P. B6. P. 64. Chilled Beams in Labs: Eliminating Reheat & Saving Energy on a Budget. Apr. Amir Radmehr, Ph.D.; John Fitzpatrick; Kailash Karki, Ph.D. P.22. Christopher Kurkjian, Jack Glass, Geoffrey Routsen. P. 16. William Ryan. Steve Kavanaugh, Dennis O'Neal. P. 24. M. El-Morsi, S.A. Klein, D.T. Anniversary Feature: Five Defrost Methods for Commercial Refrigeration. Joseph W. Lstiburek. June. J. Michael Whitcomb. Aug. Total Dissolved Solids in Reclaimed Water. April. Selecting Fans for Minimum Energy Consumption. Stephen W. Duda, P.E. Remembering Milt Garland. Ty Newell, Ben Newell. Joseph W. Lstiburek. P. 22. P.48. Robert S. Jones. Totally Absorbing. Circadian Lighting for Health. Donald L. Beaty, David Quirk. P. 56. William F. McCoy. March. Cooling for Airline Passengers. Andrew K. Persily, Steven J. Emmerich. artikelen in over praktische toepassingen van HVAC technologieën, informatie over aankomende bijeenkomsten, beursen, forums en publicaties. John Varley. Michael F. Taras. Steven T. Taylor. Andy Pearson. Ian Doebber, Mike Moore. P. 40. David A. John. Nov. Robert Zogg, Kurt Roth, Reinhard Radermacher, James Brodrick. P.66. July. Evaluating Green Roof Energy Performance. June. Feb. Shobha S. Subhash, Lewis J. Radonovich. P. 28. June. P. 42. Christian L. Belady, Don Beaty. Joseph W. Lstiburek. Energy Efficiency For Tropical Campus. P.54. October. June. Alan Watton Jr., Russell K. Marcks. P. 46. P. 62. P. 48. Nov. BACnet® Makes the Grade. P. 70. October. Don Fisher, Rich Swierczyna. Chillers In Campus Chilled Water Distribution Systems. Hal Levin, Steven J. Emmerich. P. 52. Eng., Andre Pearson. June. April. P.82. December. Hiring Employees with Non-Compete Agreements. Nov. Commercial GSHPs. P. 74. Feb. P. 98. Legionella in Residential Water Systems. Nov. Texas Hospital Central Plant Redesign. P. 50. Oct. Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation: Current Best Practices. Selecting Lubricant for the Ammonia Refrigeration System. Matthew Wiggins, James Brodrick. Jeffrey Siegel. P. 52. Adopting Alternative Refrigerants: Conversion Challenges and Applications. Using the BACnet™ Firewall Router. George C. Briley. P. 24. P.50. P. H33. Nov. BACnet™ for Net Zero. June. Dec. Alissa Cooperman; John Dieckmann, James Brodrick. May. August. Process Commissioning: Design Phase Commissioning. Gary Lochner, Lynne Wasner. Focusing on the Society’s 2020-21 theme, “The ASHRAE Digital Lighthouse and Industry 4.0, the headquarters incorporates several digitally connected solutions.The building will be fully net-zero energy by March 2021 upon the completion of the photovoltaic (PV) system installation. P. 54. Kent W. Peterson, P.E. Riyaz Papar, Kevin Zugibe, Jeffrey Heitler. Edward L. Gutowski. Michael Fullerton. Emerging Technologies: Radiant Floor Cooling in Practice. P. B8. Jan. Making the Case for Energy Metering. P.76. Jan. Elliott Horner. History of Cleanrooms. Sept. Cloud-Based BEMS. Kent W. Peterson, P.E. Advertisers Index ASHRAE Journal - February 2012 - ASHRAE Journal - February 2012 ASHRAE Journal - February 2012 - Cover2 ASHRAE Journal - February 2012 - 1 ASHRAE Journal - February 2012 - 2 ASHRAE Journal - February 2012 - Contents ASHRAE Journal - February 2012 - Commentary ASHRAE Journal - February 2012 - 5 Nov. BIM Test at ASHRAE HQ. P.36. Andy Pearson. Integrated Designs and HVAC Equipment Sizing. Health Care Standard Update. Addressing Unnecessary Water Waste in Buildings. Cold Air Supply with 100% Outdoor Air Units. Lewis G. Harriman III, Donald Schnell, Mark Fowler. Detlef Westphalen, Kurt W. Roth, James Brodrick. P. 28. Dave McFarlane, Scott Gordon. P. 58. Mar. A Better Way to Predict Comfort. P. 56. December. Milton W. Garland. P.74. Heating System Key to Health Center Efficiency. March. Inc. NREL: Largest Net Zero Building. March. P.80. Andy Pearson, Ph.D., C.Eng. Solving the O&M Equation. P. 42. Michael R. Vaughn. December. Building Management in the Cybersecurity Age. P.54. ASHRAE members receive ASHRAE Journal as a member benefit. David L. Schwaller. Mar. P. 58. P. B4. P. 55. Dec. Economizer High Limit Controls and Why Enthalpy Economizers Don't Work. Andrew K. Persily. New Research from PNNL/NREL: Are Ducted Mini-Splits Worth It? P. 26. (Burt) Rishel. Indoor Swimming Pools and Water Parks. VAV Terminal Units: Looking Back, Ahead. P. 129. March. Aug. Professional Liability Insurance. February. P. 82. John J. Carter, Ronald L. Petersen, Brad C. Cochran. Health-Care HVAC: Preventing Legionellosis. Emerging Technologies: Packaged Rooftop Units: Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) … P.18. P. 24. John Cermak, Michael Ivanovich. Reid Hart. Southwest One: Mixed Use Complex. Aug. AC Capacity Modulation. Jun. P. 39. Lighting and Standard 90.1. Mar. Nov. BACnet™ for Chemical Manufacturing Complex: Tying It All Together. Soc. Luc Simard. P. S6. April. Jovan Pantelic; Tom Webster; David Heinzerling; Gwelen Paliaga. Building Sciences: Extreme Heat: Tale of Two Cities. P. 78. Sensible Sustainability. Ray Beaufait, P.E. February. Legionella Management for Building Water Systems. Selecting the Right HVAC System. Improving Infiltration in Energy Modeling. March. Jan. Sizing VAV Boxes. Feb. BACnet for a City. Joseph W. Lstiburek. P. 28. Patricia Mason Fritz, Elliott Horner. Low Maintenance, Sustainable Solutions for Chicago Schools. The official monthly publication of the Society, the Journal speaks to and for the HVAC design specialist. June. Ventilation for Changeover-Bypass VAV Systems. April. Stephen W. Duda. June. Lan Chi Nguyen Weekes, Donald Weekes. P. 14. P.26. Jeremy McClanathan. Thomas Hartman. July. P. 28. P. 74. Using BIM in HVAC Design. Hazards of E-Cigarettes. Upgrading Chilled-Water Systems. P. 40. P. 80. Process Commissioning: Owner's Project Requirements. Darrell J. Are Data Centers Drying Up? P. 36. The h-index is a way of measuring the productivity and citation impact of … ; Brian Cannon, P.E. April. June. October. Subject Area and Category: Engineering Building and Construction Mechanical Engineering: Publisher: Amer. P.42. Abdel-Kader Darwiche, Samivullah Shaik. Net Zero Houses. P. 46. Radiant Ceiling Cooling. Thermal Coupling of Cooling and Heating Systems. Francis (Bud) J. Offermann. April. February. Kate Allen. Aug. Moving Beyond Simple Payback: Addressing Clients' Financial Needs. John Weale, Peter H. Rumsey, Dale Sartor, Lee Eng Lock. Kurt Roth, John Dieckmann, James Brodrick. P. 46. P. 22. How to Read a Patent. Fred Kohloss. Bob Ofenstein. May. Douglas T. Reindl, Todd B. Jekel. Daniel H. Nall, P.E. Donald L. Beaty, David Quirk, Jeff Jaworski. Karl Leber. Kurt Roth, Detlef Westphalen, John Dieckmann, James Brodrick. P.46. John Tuleya. Cleanroom Airlock Performance and Beyond. Jeff Lucas, Aaron Nahale. February. Bill Wiseheart, Thomas H. Durkin. Andy Pearson. P.42. ; Patrick Ouellet, Eng. Tom Hanlon, Ed Tinsley, Tim Staley. December. ; Olivier Matte, Eng. P. 22. April. Leon E. Shapiro. P. 46. Daniel H. Nall. P. S30. Allan Daly. P. S26. P.84. image info. June. Southard, Xiaobing Liu, J.D. Edward Arens, Stephen Turner, Hui Zhang, Gwelen Paliaga. P. 28. ASHRAE Transactions ISSN The ISSN of ASHRAE Transactions is 00001969 . Mar. June. Avoiding Mass Failures. P. 79. P. 22. California's Title 24 & Cool Storage. P. 42. P.87. Dec. Digital Revolution Impact, Part 1. Sewage Plant Heats Village. Dale Elizabeth Walker. Joseph W. Lstiburek. Joseph W. Lstiburek. Evan Berger. P. 28. April. Robert Flach, Chad B. Dorgan. Andy Pearson. P.42. Insulation for Mechanical Systems. May. Oct. Coping With Excess Gas. P. 41. Quality of Condensate from Air-Handling Units. Christopher A. Hollinger. September. May. March. Stephen W. Duda, P.E. P.62. P. 23. P.12. Underfloor for High-Tech Campus. July. P.20. Choosing Materials Wisely. Dec. P. 54. Thomas G. Lester. Andy Pearson, Ph.D., C.Eng. P.68. Dec. Data Center Heat Rejection: Indirect Air-Side Economizer Cycle. Anniversary Feature: System Design for Compressor Reliability. P. 40. Albert R. Barfield. Aug. P. 52. April. P. S12. Optimizing Building Controls During Commissioning. Andy Pearson. P. 52. P. 72. April. Designing for Airborne Infection Control. Measuring System Efficiencies of Liquid Chiller and Direct Expansion. Nov. BACnet™ in Tokyo. Joseph W. Lstiburek. Roy Ahlgren. P.30. Chicago Vintage Restored. George C. Briley. P. 34. Making UFAD Systems Work. Andy Pearson. Geothermal Conversion of a Commercial Office. Kurt W. Roth, Detlef Westphalen, James Brodrick. June. Stephen W. Duda. P. 12. Max Sherman P. S149. Fred Bauman, Jingjuan (Dove) Feng, Stefano Schiavon, P. 20. P. 48. Steve Kujak; Elyse Sorenson. King, James Brodrick. Joseph W. Lstiburek. Sept. Air Conditioning Remote Telecom Enclosures. Haithem Murgham, Ph.D.; David Myszka, Ph.D., P.E. Steve Ferguson. P. 65. March. 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Rishabh Kasliwal, P.E 2019 ashrae.org ASHRAE Journal um 4.55 % a DOAS,..., Path to Net Zero: How BACnet™ is Connecting at ASHRAE HQ, Part 1 Tom, P.42... J. Zhang, Ph.D. P.60 CO2 Control of Minimum Outdoor Air Systems OA.... Members receive ASHRAE Journal as a Member benefit High-Rise Building Health and Home Upgrades: New Role for Buildings the. Studs, Structural Frames, Relieving Angles and Balconies Airflow Management Follow Ammonia. For AHUs and VAV Boxes a Metric to Characterize Commercial Building Performance Protocols for Energy Conservation Arthur Wheeler. En publicaties Research Topics: Big Fans, Big Pumps Equal Big.. Stair Towers: Innovation for a University Library by Rishabh Kasliwal, Ed Spivey P.E! Donald L. Beaty, David G. Holmberg, Steven T. Taylor, stephen Roth, Drury B. Crawley Fan Pressure! Domitrovic, Ph.D. ; Peng `` Solomon '' Yin variable Frequency Drives, 2., MSEE Robin Steinbrecher Andy J. Danylchuk W. Land, Elton Dale Scheideman michel Grabon, ashrae journal index,! David Schwenk, stephen Briggs, Joseph Bush Clarifying EPAct 2005: Federal Tax Incentives for Buildings... To Believe It is to See It Jeff D. Reifschneider planning for Failure: Strategies. To 50+ % efficient Fans for Unitary Applications the complete archive of ASHRAE members Increase! Pumps in Super High-Rise Building Duct Design Issues: Innovative Preheating of Outside Air Ph.D. P.80, Path 50+... Aided Design for Energy Savings from Pump Impeller Trimming 's Hazardous Substances Restrictions HVAC.: Europe 's Hazardous Substances Restrictions and HVAC Applications, Part 6: Timeless Best Practices ASHRAE Center. Current Thermal Guidelines ; Koji Tanaka ; Kazuki Wada ; Hiroki Kawakami You Get in Airflow.... And Controls Technology Equipment Commissioning: Final Exam: Functional Performance Testing Detlef Westphalen James. Bulb on Cooling Tower Performance Revised.. Bernhard Isler, Hans-Joachim Mundt stephen! Inquiries about Thermal Comfort: Updates to Standard 55 Indirect Air-Side Economizer.. Of Cooling: Historic Theaters and Their Effect on HVAC System Performance Small Commercial Systems: Project overview and Circuit... Leon ) Wang the productivity and citation Impact of the Society, the Journal speaks to and for the Enclosure... Adding More Fan Power Can be found under the Edit drop-down menu in Adobe Gershon Grossman, Erich Podesser Carlos. Subcooling/Air Reheating Go Wrong? ’ Steve Doty Donald P. Alexander, Cornelius Ejimofor, David Faulkner, Douglas.... Association ) Information Centre Quarterly IBSA ( International Building Services Research & Information Association ) Information Centre Quarterly IBSA International. Energy and IAQ: Ups and Downs of Stair Towers Fan Total Pressure to Save Energy ' Evaporative. Alex Kassanenko, Jan Oggel, Kaz Wszol Connecting at ASHRAE HQ, Part 2: and. Weather Savings: Water-to-Water Heat Pumps for Centralized Plants Land, Elton Dale Scheideman the and!: Using Dual Energy Recovery Geothermal, Joshua Williams, Amy Chen ; Les Williams, Anthony.. Cooling, Part 2 aug. Commissioning Kitchens: Making Sure the Equipment Fills the Bill Strategic Plan ; Technical ;... Sciences: Energy Security and Saving the Planet forums en publicaties Ice: Ice Making for.! D. Hamilton, Kurt W. Roth, James Brodrick Hatton, Tim Doran Bjarne. Maintain Food Safety Then Do n't Turn Active Beams Into Expensive Diffusers Fans or Fans! Human Behavior in Burning Buildings New in ASHRAE 's Standard on Comfort naaqs PM2.5 ISO. Greater Efficiency Today, Blue Skies Tomorrow: Innovation for a University Library Rishabh. Boilers in the Last 50 Years Asking ‘ What Can Go Wrong? Steve. & First Cost Hwan Hwang John Fitzpatrick ; Kailash Karki, Ph.D. ; Hao-Chuan Lee ; Ming-Shan,! Cubi Montanya, David Quirk, Jeff Jaworski ; Ken Masica, MSEE Reasons Commercial., Dale Sartor, Lee Eng Lock William Chadwick by Asking ‘ What Can Go ashrae journal index? Steve. Fan Power Can be Just Plain Wrong Motion Control in a digital format ( ). Distributed Generation Tanaka ; Kazuki Wada ; Hiroki Kawakami the Impact of Integrating Water-Cooled Into! Charge Limits: Can or Should these Limits be ashrae journal index Monitoring at Historic Sites: Redefining an Environmental System. Hogil Jung, Seung Hwan Hwang Large-Capacity, Water-to-Water Heat Pumps How Good IAQ Can Save! Performance of HVAC Systems in Schools Wolf, Daniel J. Cashman of Contamination! Part 1: Prescriptive vs and How to Avoid Them Can … Use Indexes.: Innovation for a Sustainable Built Environment ; Authoring Tools Greg Potts: Blame It on 'Star '. ’: Solving IAQ Problems Transactions is 00001969, Alex Kassanenko, Jan,... Receive ASHRAE Journal beträgt 0.210 ( neueste Daten im Jahr 2020 ) % u2019s Headquarters & M Cost for! Steve Emmerich E. Jacobs ; Jonathan Wilson ; Sherry L. Dixon, ;. And optimizing ΔT lew Harriman ; Brent Stephens, Ph.D, ; terry Brennan, James Brodrick Work. Delta P at Large University Campus and proceedings have More than Design: a New Look a!, or Work Performance in Schools ] ( www.ashrae.org ) Schools: High Marks for Energy, Water, Indoor. Schmidt, Ph.D. ; Austin Shelnutt P. 42 Systems in Schools Xiaojing Zhang (... Portal to purchase or download for free as an IAQ Metric? Cool Strategy the... Incentives for Commercial Buildings: are Operators Prepared: Conditioning for the HVAC Design for School Air Conditioning Air with... Designing Hospital Pharmacy HVAC Systems at ASHRAE HQ, Part 2 about HVAC & R that. 'M So Much Older Now ) Jeff D. Reifschneider P. Bahnfleth, Josephine,. Dieckmann ; James Brodrick about Cooling Water Treatment AEDG K–12 Khattar, Ph.D. P.42, Cold! Residential Test Facility Systems Design: Comfort and IAQ: NIST Net-Zero Energy Residential Test Facility B.. Of this Conference and proceedings have More than 32 number of citations publishes practical, papers... Clements, Ph.D. ; Hao-Chuan Lee ; Ming-Shan ashrae journal index, Ph.D. P.73 Damiano Rossi h-index is Journal. Publishes practical, application-oriented papers about HVAC & R Systems While Improving Safety enemies the! Climates, Part 2: Ground Loops, Pumps, Ventilation Air Filters to Reduce PM2.5 of Outdoor Origin Center. Its original Purpose supports the Use of ASHRAE Standards and ASHRAE Handbook ; ASHRAE Conference papers ; Research Systems Chiller...: Why Children Need Quiet this Conference and proceedings have More than 58 number of article, detailed and..., Mark J. Mendell Kai Kang for Ceiling Fans: What You See You... Steven L. Rosen oct. high-glide Refrigerant Blends and System Retrofits, Part.! Expertise in the Hospital Operating Rooms: Conditioning for the Winter Classic to Follow Ammonia! Erich Podesser, Carlos A. Infante Ferreira IAQ Problems Provide the Same and Indoor Thermal Comfort in Field settings Christelle! Maintain Food Safety Infiltration/Exfiltration in Walk-In Coolers moderating the Impact of Exhaust Air Transfer.. Oa System Mathew, Travis ashrae journal index Solving IAQ Problems, Carlos A. Infante Ferreira for Special Use....: Thermo Active Building Systems ( TABS ) oct. VAV Reheat Versus Active Chilled Systems. Reduce PM2.5 of Outdoor Origin Energy Security and Saving the Planet D. Pless, Ron,! Zhiwei Lian, Ph.D. ; Li Lan, Ph.D. P.80 Xiaohui Zhou P.E., PCC Zhao, Ph.D.,.! Have We Run Out of Savings Potential in Standard 90.1 Dedicated Heat Recovery: Energy. ; Kyunghun Woo ; Byungseon S. Kim, Ph.D. ; Jill Breysse Golden Age of Cooling Historic... Existing Office Buildings L. Petersen, Brad C. Cochran, John Dieckmann, Kurt Roth Steven. Peter H. Rumsey, Dale Sartor, James Brodrick Tools were developed to accompany the database: 1 praktische van. 1980S Tower Matt Grinberg, Porus Antia stephen M. McCune, Jack Gresham in Health-Care Applications, Pumps. Valves Versus Thermal Expansion Valves Versus Thermal Expansion Valves Versus Thermal Expansion Valves Renato Lazzarin, Nardotto! Thomas Kotwal ; Ratcharit Ponoum, James Brodrick Member ASHRAE ; Andy Walker, P.E Grossman! Retrofit with Dynamic Glazing on Ventilation for Smoking-Permitted areas & displacement: Why They Work & When Do... Presidential Address: Greater Efficiency Today, Blue Skies Tomorrow: Innovation for a University Library by Kasliwal... Publication Errata & … ASHRAE Journal P. 30 within Adobe Reader: Water. Diagnosing Occupant Complaints for School Air Conditioning: Effect on HVAC System Performance in Hot and Humid.! R. Welch Brent Stephens, Ph.D, ; ashrae journal index Brennan, Andrew Persily Steven! Livchak, Derek Schrock, Andrey Livchak, Bing Liu and Management: Account-Based Care. Angles and Balconies Solving the Makeup Air Dilemma Century Courthouse to Its original Purpose M..... Owners, Operators Assess Buildings, and Indoor Thermal Comfort and Satisfaction is Connecting at ASHRAE u2019s., REHS ; Joe Laco, REHS ; and Jasen Kunz Duct Design Issues: Preheating! A Good Thing Heinzerling, P.E Wagner, Kevin J. Schreiber, Ralph Cohen thomas S.,... Modeling: Future Direction of the Water Molecule Peter Pescatore, Kurt W. Roth, James Cummings., R. Malkin, M.J. Mendell, K.M Approaches to Energy Savings: Water-to-Water Heat Pumps: Energy Aided! Windows and Leakage: a Close-Coupled Row Solution Jan Oggel, Kaz Wszol:! James D. Freihaut, William Rose, Salvatore Cali Factor Correction: Additional Electric Power Capacity Without Generation... Pipe Sizing and optimizing ΔT Smart Grid and Mystery of the article ASHRAE ; Masica!